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Improving Your Site: vBSignatures

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vBSignatures is a mod designed to allow users to construct a stylish signature for themselves and set it as their forum signature. With the ability to sell individual signature parts, users have a wide range of customisation options that help them create a signature that they like.

(Pro) Integrating With Other Points Mods
The built-in points system in vBSignatures is limited (by design) to posts and threads. Your forum most likely has another points system like vBCredits II Deluxe installed, and you'd want to integrate it with vBSignatures to allow people to use their vBCredits to buy signature parts.

Simply access the "General Settings" for this mod and change "(Pro) Points Table" & "(Pro) Points Field" to the relevant values. For vBCredits, the default Points Table is user and the default Points Field is credits

Control Signature Layers
If your forum's artist has created some new layers, or you no longer want to use one of the built-in ones, you can control them easily via the AdminCP.

Simply access the AdminCP and click "Manage Layers" and configure your layers. You can change the load order, add new layers or deactivate existing ones.

Automatically Update Forum Signature
You may want to save your signature as your forum signature - especially if this is the only signature type allowed by the forum.

Simply access the Inventory and configure your signature, hit Save Signature and then choose Set as Active Signature Picture. You should ensure you have the [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] BBCode added to your forum signature. Next time you make configuration changes, your forum's signature will automatically update.

Hopefully these tips helped some of you out, feel free to post a "How do I?" question in the support forums if you have any further questions

As always, thank you for your continued support
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