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Improving Your Site: vBDownloads

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vBDownloads is a mod designed to allow you or your users to host files on your server, sharing them with the world or just your community. Featuring a modern, AJAX-based uploader as well as many customisation features for both admins and users, vBDownloads is one of the most powerful forum-integrated download scripts.

Add New / Modify File Extensions
You may want to restrict what type of files your users can upload, or simply edit the maximum dimensions of images uploaded. You may also want to group similar extensions together to quickly toggle their permissions for categories.

Simply access the "Manage Extensions" page for this mod and either add new extension groups, new extensions, or modify existing ones.

Per-Category Settings
This mod has multiple category settings, ranging from ability to choose which extension groups are permitted in this particular category to controlling usergroup access.

You can use the "Manage Categories" page for this mod and modify each category setting within that interface.

Import Utility
At the time of writing, this mod supports importing downloads from "DownloadsII", allowing you to make the switch with ease.

Simply access the "Import Utility" page for this mod and follow the instructions on-screen.

vBulletin Options
This mod has multiple vBulletin Options available, such as the ability to disable certain features or control certain system-wide limitations.

Simply access the "Settings" page for this mod and see if the option you're looking for exists!

Hopefully these tips helped some of you out, feel free to post a "How do I?" question in the support forums if you have any further questions

As always, thank you for your continued support
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