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Improving Your Site: AJAX Threads

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AJAX Threads is a mod designed to make threads update in real-time, negating the need to refresh the page in order to see new posts. The inserted posts are also fully compatible with all vBulletin features like Quick Edit and anything else that works through a normal "quick reply" post.

Selectively Disable - Per Category/Forum
You may have certain forums that you don't want automatically refreshed threads in, such as a spam forum. The mod enables you to selectively disable the mod per category (Lite) or forum (Pro).

Simply access the "Forum Manager" for this mod and tick the boxes for the forums you don't want threads to automatically refresh in.

Per-Usergroup Idle Setting
Each individual usergroup can have their own "Idle Timeout" setting, allowing admins to keep watch of a thread indefinitely whereas keeping the performance enhancements that come with having a finite time till idle is reached.

You can use the "Usergroup Manager" for this mod and follow the instructions on screen to control the idle time of each usergroup.

Per-Usergroup Permissions
This mod has multiple usergroup permissions, and they can be configured quickly for a large number of usergroups.

The "Permissions" screen for this mod allows you to configure the various usergroup permissions and save them all quickly.

Hopefully these tips helped some of you out, feel free to post a "How do I?" question in the support forums if you have any further questions

As always, thank you for your continued support
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