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  1. vBSlider v1.0.6 Changelog

    Upon releasing this to the masses as a Lite version over on vb.org, an issue was discovered in the ACP if either the CMS or Blog were disabled. This fix is to strictly address that issue. I felt it was a major enough issue to do a quick turn-around bug fix on it, which of course resulted in a bump in the version number.

    Fixed: Issue with CMS and Blog selectors causing errors in ACP if either the Blog or CMS was disabled.
  2. vBSlider v1.0.5 Changelog

    I'm happy to say that vBSlider is now Gold! With the release of Gold, I have added several new features, fixed a few items, made some cosmetic changes in the ACP, as well as made a Lite version. With that said, let's get on with the changelog.

    Added: Now available for vBulletin v3.x
    • All the same features of the vB4 Forum Only version
    • Total of 4 placement locations on FORUMHOME
    • CSS has been moved to an external file, but still fully editable

    Fixed: Issue with ...
  3. vBSlider v1.0.4 Changelog

    Another day, another round of fixes and added functionality.

    vBSlider v1.0.4:

    Functionality & Added Features:
    Issue with BBCode showing up in the content area
    Fixed: Issue with "Read More" being hard-coded. Now uses GLOBAL "read_more_phrase" phrase
    Added: Content title is also now a link to the content item
    Added: Ability to select window opening target for custom content links (each link independently configurable)

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  4. vBSlider v1.0.3 Changelog

    vBSlider v1.0.3:

    Functionality & Added Features:
    Issue with forum selector not working properly
    Fixed: Issue with "Read More" link to blogs being incorrect
    Fixed: Issue with blogs appearing multiple times in the sequence
    Fixed: Issue in Forum Only XML file still installing Parse Templates plugin
    Fixed: Spacing issue of slider on Forum Home when located below forums

    As usual, continue to post issues or feature requests in the ...
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  5. vBSlider v1.0.2 Changelog

    vBSlider v1.0.2:

    Functionality & Added Features:
    Issue with jQuery causing slider to not work on forumhome and CMS.
    Added: Ability to display Blog content inside the slider.
    Removed: Parse_templates plugin and associated parse_templates.php hook file is no longer required and has been removed from the install. Feel free to delete the parse_templates.php file from your {forum}/dbtech/vbslider/hooks/ directory.

    This hopefully should fix ...
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