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  1. I'm Back!!

    Well after some unexpected family issues and my computer taking a dump I am back.

    The unfortunate thing is I lost all my development area, so anything I had ready to release, or was working on is gone.

    It will take me some time to get everything going again, as I have to re install a dev area on my new comp, and basically start from scratch. First thing I need to do is work on any bug reports that have come in during my absence, then start back working on updates ...
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  2. Improving Your Site: vBSuper PM's

    vBSuper Pm's is a complete private message management system. Allowing Site administrators the ability to enhance their members PM's.

    Major Features

    Attachments in PM's (Pro)
    You can allow your members the ability to upload attachments in private messages, based on usergroups.

    PM Auto Responder
    Admins can allow their members, based on usergroups, to set a auto response to pm's they receive if they wish. Users can set a start and ...
  3. Improving Your Site: vBNavTabs

    vBNavTabs is a professional navtab mod, allowing administrators to add, unlimited tabs and dropdown menus with no additional queries.

    vBulletin 4.1.x series

    vBulletin pre v4.2 you were not able to add navtabs to the navbar, vBNavTabs allowes you to do so.

    The manager displays a number of settings for each tab. Along with the Tab ID, and the Tab Name, you can also see the link and the ‘target’ setting in the URL To Tab. The Tab Mode shows what conditions ...
  4. vBSuper PM's Notes

    [DBTech] vBSuper PM's - Private Message Manager v1 (vB4)

    vBSuper Pm's A complete private message management system. This is what I would like to try and accomplish, hopefully I can get it all to work.

    General Options

    • ACP option to show percentage of PM quota used, shown in the Folder Controls block.
    • ACP option to move the private message download options from bottom of the page, to inside the Folder Controls block.
    • ACP option to show senders

    Updated 24th February 2013 at 22:30 by Ozzy47

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  5. vBNavTabs v1.1.3 Changelog

    Just a quick fix on some issues, nothing major.

    Fixed: A issue with dropdown items only showing 1 instance if you added more that one to a tab (Lite)
    Fixed: A issue with images not showing up on dropdown items if you did not have a image for the dropdown tab (Pro)
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