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vBActivity & Awards

Product downloaded over 6,045 times.
DragonByte Technologies are proud to present vBActivity & Awards v3: The most advanced, most feature-rich and most professional Activity tracking system ever.

vBActivity & Awards from DragonByte Tech is a modification designed to allow yourself and your members to keep track of their activity, and be rewarded for it. Give points for many different actions - Posting, Starting threads, Voting, Referrals...

Furthermore, your members get rewarded for creating content which is popular! Gain points for every post in a thread you created, points for high thread ratings, for having a good reputation and more!

You can utilise vBAA to encourage members to do certain things on your forum. Lack of new threads? Increase the points given for starting a thread and watch as the thread count rises. Need an influx of new members? Give a boost to referral points and watch as people try to collect more points.

Set Achievement targets for your members to encourage them to get more posts, start more threads, or do any one of a number of things!

Is quality more important to your forum than quantity? Use our Awards system. Manually allocate medals to users for things like the most thoughtful post, the best thread or even things like the most unique signature!

Pricing Info
3 Months: US $39.95 / £27.45 / €39.95
1 Years: US $54.95 / £37.45 / €52.45
Lifetime: US $84.95 / £57.45 / €82.45
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Version Info
Current Version: v3.1.9pl4
Release Date: 14th July 2015
Forum Version: vBulletin 3.8.x, vBulletin 4.x.x
Change Log
Feature List
Major Features

Activity Tracking & Stats: Dedicated activity tracking pages lets you see how many points members have gained for each action, and a browseable archive of aquired activity points lets you see exactly when the points were gained.

Achievements: A powerful engine for creating new achievements lets you create Achievements matching just about any criteria you can think of based on the list of actions (full list of actions can be found in the Complete Feature List below).

Awards: For the moments that deserve something special, you can create and hand out special awards separately from Achievements, acting as unique merit badges.

Professional Only Benefits

Trophies: Give members trophies for being the best at something! Most posts? Trophy! Most threads? Trophy! Only one member can hold a trophy at a time, meaning lots of competition to be *THE ONE*!

Backups: Want to share your carefully put together collection of Achievements, Medals and Trophies with other vBActivity Pro owners? Want to re-install vBActivity on a fresh forum without losing your configuration? Use the backup and import system to achieve this.

Snapshots: Do you want to give double points for a week to encourage activity? With our Snapshot system it's as easy as a click of a button. Take a snapshot of your current settings, change it to what you want for the week, then switch back to your old settings instantly!

Complete Feature List
  • Achievement Targets
    • Shows latest earned Achievement in each category and what we're lacking for the next Achievement
      • Shows 1 category
  • Integration
    • vBShout Shouts
    • Advanced @User Tagging - Tag
    • Advanced @User Tagging - Mention
  • Define Points for Actions:
    • Points Per Post
    • Points Per Post (Own Threads)
    • Points Per Thread
    • Points Per Thread Rating
    • Points Per Thread Rating Received
    • Points Per Visitor Message Given
    • Points Per Visitor Message Received
    • Points Per Poll Posted
    • Points Per Poll Vote
    • Points Per Day Registered
    • Points Per Confirmed Friend
    • Points Per Reputation Point Given
    • Points Per Reputation Point Received
    • Points Per Infraction Point Given
    • Points Per Infraction Point Received
    • Points Per Referral
    • Points Per Social Group Message Posted
    • Points Per Social Group Discussion Started
    • Points Per Calendar Event Created
  • Activity Page
    • Ranking
      • How members stack up against eachother
    • Achievements
      • Shows a list of all earned Achievements.
    • Activity
      • Shows a list of all points gains / losses
    • Leaderboards
      • Shows who's got the most points of each type
    • Awards
      • Shows gained Awards
  • Member Profiles
    • Activity Information
      • Shows a detailed breakdown of a member's Activity information
      • Shows a breakdown of a member's total points of each type
    • Achievements
      • Shows a collapsable list of all this user's earned Achievements
    • Awards
      • Shows a collapsable list of all held Awards
  • Postbit
    • Activity Stats
      • Shows some core details about an user's activity
    • Achievements
      • Shows the last X Achievements earned.
    • Awards
      • Shows the last x earned Awards
  • AdminCP:
    • Integration
      • vBShout
        • Points Per Shout
      • Advanced @User Tagging
        • Points Per Tag
        • Points Per Mention
    • Manage Achievements
      • Add
      • Edit
      • Delete
      • Change Display Order
    • Manage Awards
      • Add
      • Edit
      • Delete
      • Award
    • Manage Categories
      • Add
      • Edit
      • Delete
    • Criteria
      • Used for Achievements, Criteria are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled.
      • Manage Criteria
        • Add
        • Edit
        • Delete
    • Maintenance
      • Recalculate Points
        • Erases all accumulated points and re-calculates them
      • Recalculate Achievements
        • Erases all accumulated Achievements and re-calculates them

Fine-Grained ModCP Permissions
  • Separate usergroup permission required for each page
  • Separates add/edit/delete and ability to hand out awards
  • Complete List:
    • Can Manage Achievements
    • Can Manage Categories
    • Can Manage Criteria
    • Can Manage Awards
    • Can Grant Awards
    • Can Manage Maintenance Options
    • Can Manage Trophies
    • Can Manage Contests
    • Can Manage Promotions
    • Can Manage Backups
    • Can Manage System Snapshots
    • Can Import / Export
    • Can Manage Points Settings
    • Can Manage Global Permissions
    • Can Manage vBulletin Options

Points for Attachments
  • Ability to grant points for attachment uploads
  • Works when attachments are stored in the File System, not in the database
  • Allows re-calculation for past attachments uploaded

Points for [DBTech] DragonByte Gallery Uploads
  • Ability to grant points for DragonByte Gallery uploads
  • Works when attachments are stored in the File System, not in the database
  • Allows re-calculation for past images uploaded

Duplicate Achievements
  • Ability to copy Achievements when creating a new Achievement
  • Copies all settings including Criteria chosen

Points Alongside Awards
  • Users can be given points alongside Awards
  • Works with "Recalculate Points" maintenance action

PM User At X Posts
  • Ability to define different thresholds to PM a user
  • Translatable PM title / text

PM User When Receiving Awards
  • Sends a PM to users when they receive a new Award
  • Translatable PM title / text
  • Global toggle via vBulletin Options

PM User When Receiving Achievements
  • Sends a PM to users when they receive a new Achievement
  • Translatable PM title / text
  • Global toggle via vBulletin Options
  • Doesn't trigger on recalculate, to avoid spam

Define PM Senders
  • Add separate users as the sender of several vBAA PMs
  • Reverts to "same as recipient" if no users are specified
  • Complete List:
    • Post PM Threshold
    • New Achievement
    • New Award
    • (Pro) New Promotion
    • (Pro) New Trophy
    • (Pro) New Contest Winner Admin Notification
    • (Pro) New Contest Winner User Notification

Awards Setting: Postbit Display Order
  • Choose between three display orders
    • Awarded (Ascending)
    • Awarded (Descending)
    • AdminCP Display Order

General / Other
  • Points for Posts is now more compatible with 3rd party modifications that generate posts
  • Who's Online support
  • (vB4) The profile block has been updated to support profile customisation

Command-Line Maintenance Script
  • Deploy script anywhere on your server and run it securely
  • Allows running all maintenance actions otherwise found in the AdminCP
  • Ideal for very large forums that cannot reliably run the features via the web browser

Increased Postbit Control
  • Allows for various postbit items to be deployed individually
  • Complete List:
    • Activity Points
    • Activity Level
    • Daily Activity
    • Daily Activity Bar
    • (Pro) Weekly Activity
    • (Pro) Weekly Activity Bar
    • (Pro) Monthly Activity
    • (Pro) Monthly Activity Bar

  • Awards
    • Request / Nominate Awards with reason input
  • Record
    • Displays permanent record of who won each week/day/month etc.
  • Achievement Targets
    • Shows latest earned Achievement in each category and what we're lacking for the next Achievement
      • Shows all categories
  • Integration
    • vB Blog Entry
    • vB Blog Comment
  • Activity Page
    • Promotions
      • Shows all Promotions handed by the system
    • Trophies
      • Shows gained / lost trophies
    • Contests
      • Overview past contests and who won them.
  • Member Profiles
    • Ability to toggle notifications
    • Currently Held Trophies
      • Shows a collapsable list of all currently held trophies
      • Shows how many times these trophies have been held
    • Previously Held Trophies
      • Shows a collapsable list of all previously held trophies
      • Shows how many times these trophies have been held
  • AdminCP
    • Awards
      • Reason for granting Awards
    • Integration
      • Points per Blog Entry
      • Points per Blog Comment
    • Importer
      • YAAS awards
    • Manage Trophies
      • Add
      • Edit
      • Delete
    • Contests
      • Toggle public contest
      • Contests Won criteria for Achievements / Promotions
      • Ability to give points along with awards to winners
      • Set number of winners
      • 2 contest types, "first to reach points target" and "total points in time period"
      • Exclude certain sources from counting towards contest goal
      • Banner support (small and big size for preview and full view)
      • Winner PMs
      • Admin notifications on winners
      • Link to contest discussion thread
      • Ability to show or hide current standing for ongoing contests
    • Backups
      • Take backups of all vBActivity information
      • Manage Backups
        • Add
        • Edit
        • Delete
        • Load
    • Snapshots
      • Take a snapshot of points settings
      • Manage Snapshots
        • Add
        • Edit
        • Delete
        • Load
    • Recurring schedules of various snapshot configurations
      • Manage Snapshot Schedules
        • Add
        • Edit
        • Delete
    • Statistics
      • Who's what level
      • Who's earned each Achievement
      • Who's been awarded each Award

(Pro) Per-Forum Criteria
  • Ability to set certain Criteria as only applying to certain forums
  • Works with the following Criteria types:
    • Posts
    • Posts (Own Threads)
    • Threads
    • Thread Ratings Given
    • Thread Ratings Received
    • Polls Posted
    • Poll Votes
    • Reputation Given
    • Reputation Received
    • Infractions Given
    • Infractions Received
    • [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging: Mentions Given
    • [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging: Mentions Received
    • [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging: Tags Given
    • [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging: Tags Received

(Pro) Recurring Contests
  • Can be set to recur
    • Never
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
  • Preserves your "Hour" and "Minute" configurations for the new contest

(Pro) Recalculate Winners
  • Contests that ended without any winners can be re-calculated
  • Best used after recalculating points
  • Reads from the Points Log to determine who wins each contest type

(Pro) "Current Standing" Display
  • Display more or less users than there are scheduled winners for each contest
  • Doesn't decrease when one or more winners are added to an in-progress contest
  • Works with contests currently in progress

(Pro) Front-End Contest Management
  • Separate usergroup permission required
  • Allows add/edit of contests
  • Prevents deletion for security purposes
  • Full contest management interface nearly identical to the AdminCP

(Pro) PM User When Receiving Awards
  • Per-User toggle via UserCP

(Pro) PM User When Receiving Achievements
  • Per-User toggle via UserCP

(Pro) PM User When Receiving Promotions
  • Sends a PM to users when they receive a new Promotion
  • Translatable PM title / text
  • Per-User toggle via UserCP

(Pro) New Contest Type: Raffle Tickets (Threshold)
  • Specifies a "Target" similar to the existing contest type
  • Users who pass the target will gain raffle tickets (pass it two times over for 2 tickets, etc)
  • X number of winners are drawn randomly from the list of eligible winners

(Pro) Per-User Toggle: Disable Achievements
  • Users can hide Achievements from their view of their own and others' posts
  • De-clutters the postbit without affecting other users' view
  • Defaults to visible

(Pro) Per-User Toggle: Disable Awards
  • Users can hide Awards from their view of their own and others' posts
  • De-clutters the postbit without affecting other users' view
  • Defaults to visible

(Pro) Per-User Toggle: Disable Trophies
  • Users can hide Trophies from their view of their own and others' usernames
  • De-clutters the postbit without affecting other users' view
  • Defaults to visible

(Pro) General / Other
  • AdminCP: There's now a "Check All" box in the Contests management screen under Criteria Settings and Forum Settings
  • Front-End: Contest information that would previously be populated by "N/A" will now simply be hidden when you switch contests

(Pro) Global Toggle: Disable "View Activity" Link
  • Administrators can hide the "View Activity" link in the "member action" drop-down menu when clicking a user name
  • Option located next to other integration options
  • Defaults to visible

(Pro) New Contest Type: Raffle Tickets (Thread Replies)
  • A thread is designated as the "ticket thread".
  • Each reply from a member is considered 1 ticket.
  • Optional restriction of how often a member can reply (in minutes)
  • X number of winners are drawn randomly from the list of eligible winners
Copyright Info / Branding
This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of pages generated by this mod which includes:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
  • 1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting (Lite Version only)

Available Licences

vBActivity & Awards - 3 Months
Receives Updates For: 3 Months
vBActivity & Awards - 1 Years
Receives Updates For: 1 Years
vBActivity & Awards - Lifetime
Receives Updates For: Lifetime
Products may be used after the licence expires, but will no longer receive updates unless designated as Lifetime.
If you renew your licence early, we'll extend it from its current expiry date. Otherwise, we'll extend it from the current date.
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