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AJAX Threads (vB5)

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AJAX Threads brings your threads alive, making them automatically refresh without needing to reload the page.

AJAX Threads is the ideal product for forums with busy threads or which deal with any sort of "event" be that TV shows, sports or game releases!
AJAX Threads allows you to make topics "auto update" without the user having to refresh. This can give performance benefits when applied to threads which receive a lot of refresh requests, and can increase user participation.
You can set whole forums to have their threads be live automatically. You can even allow only VIP usergroups to have threads refresh automatically to increase subscription numbers.

Pricing Info
3 Months: US $24.95 / £17.45 / €24.95
1 Years: US $37.5 / £27.45 / €37.45
Lifetime: US $54.95 / £37.45 / €54.95
Version Info
Current Version: v1.1.2a4
Release Date: 12th May 2014
Forum Version: vBulletin 5.x.x (5.0.2+)
Change Log
Feature List
Major Features
Automatically Refresh Threads: Users will now see new posts in "real time" without having to refresh the page

Performance Benefits: If your forum receives lots of refresh requests on threads being posted in often this can put a lot of strain on your server - AJAX Threads will greatly reduce server resources used in those situations by refreshing only the minimum information required.

Total Control: You can set per forum auto-refresh controls. You can set particular usergroups to receive the benefit, and you can even have it apply automatically to popular threads!

Complete Feature List
* vBOption: Enable Automatic Updates
* vBOption: Refresh Interval
* vBOption: Idle Timeout
* vBOption: Automatic Un-Idle
* vBOption: Enable Information Bar (Tells users how often the thread refreshes, whether they're idle, and how to un-idle, etc)
* Ability for users to manually refresh threads if Automatic Updates are disabled (cannot refresh more often than Refresh Interval regardless)
* Ability for users to manually un-idle themselves if automatic updates are enabled and the Idle Timeout is reached
* Per-usergroup setting to determine if automatic updates are enabled
* Per-usergroup setting to determine if manual updates are enabled
* Per-category setting to determine if automatic updates are enabled
* Per-category setting to determine if manual updates are enabled
* Posts fetched by AJAX Threads are marked as read
* Per-usergroup "duration" before a thread goes "idle".

* vBOption: Minimum Replies
* Per-forum setting to determine if automatic updates are enabled
* Per-forum setting to determine if manual updates are enabled

vB4 / vB5 Differences

Upgradable: Yes

Currently Missing Features
Missing Features
* "Live" image on forumdisplay for threads that have automatic or manual updates enabled

* Per-thread setting to determine if automatic updates are enabled
* Per-thread ability for administrators with the "Manager" permission to override forum / usergroup settings and either enable or disable automatic updates
Copyright Info / Branding
This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of all pages which includes:
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  • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification

Available Licences

AJAX Threads (vB5) - 3 Months
Receives Updates For: 3 Months
AJAX Threads (vB5) - 1 Years
Receives Updates For: 1 Years
AJAX Threads (vB5) - Lifetime
Receives Updates For: Lifetime
Products may be used after the licence expires, but will no longer receive updates unless designated as Lifetime.
If you renew your licence early, we'll extend it from its current expiry date. Otherwise, we'll extend it from the current date.