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vBAvatars lets your members create a custom avatar for themselves, using clothing and body parts purchased from a shop.

If you have ever played Gaia Online or used similar sites in the past, you know how much fun it can be to dress up an avatar of your own. vBAvatars brings this to your vBulletin forum, with a powerful image creation system that lets members try on and purchase a number of different body parts as well as clothes.
Pricing Info
3 Months: US $24.95 / £17.45 / €24.95
1 Years: US $37.5 / £24.95 / €37.45
Lifetime: US $54.95 / £37.45 / €52.45
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Version Info
Current Version: v2.0.1
Release Date: 29th March 2013
Forum Version: vBulletin 4.x.x
Change Log
Feature List
Major Features
AJAX-Powered Interface: All aspects of avatar management is completely AJAX-ified, meaning zero page reloads!

Avatar Preview: Each purchase or inventory change can be previewed before purchase or application

Automatic Avatar Updates: Configuring the vBulletin avatar system to use vBAvatars means any future changes made to vBAvatars will be automatically added to your vBulletin avatar, no need to re-save the vBulletin avatar.

Complete Feature List

  • Avatar Part categories with display order and permissions
  • Avatar parts with display order and permissions
  • Points per Post
  • Points per Thread
  • Price each avatar part individually, 0 to make them available to everybody
  • Ability to change the size of the final avatar (only if you use exclusively custom avatar parts, not a "scaling" feature!)
  • Option to display vBAvatar in the "Post Info" part of the postbit, for forums that don't wish to allow users to upload custom avatars
  • Purchase new avatar parts
  • Inventory system that manages and updates the avatar
  • Preview avatar in shop (with "PREVIEW" overlay to prevent circumventing the system)
  • Preview avatar in inventory (without overlay)
  • Automatically update vBulletin avatar when saving vBAvatar
  • Display available points in the vBAvatars side menu
  • 1-click set vBulletin avatar to use vBAvatar, AJAX loaded

Avatar Styles
  • Ability to configure multiple different Avatar Styles that can have different parts
  • Similar to vBSignatures' Signature Styles
  • Similar drop-down selector to choose between avatar styles for the inventory and shop

Avatar Parts / Configuration
  • It is now possible to manually shift the position of parts you have equipped (or are previewing) via a handy interface that appears when clicking the part name in the part list.
  • A new special usergroup permission is available that allows members to equip multiple parts from the same layer, and shift layer position up and down for the various layers.

Artist Configuration
  • Configure a user as an "Artist" with fine-grained permissions
  • Per-Avatar Style setting (applicable only to Avatar Parts)
  • Ability to add / edit / delete Categories
  • Ability to add / edit / delete Avatar Parts
  • Extremely fine-grained permission settings:
    • Can Upload Avatar Parts
    • Require Moderation For Uploaded Parts
    • Can Add Category
    • Can Add Layer
    • Can Edit Admin-Defined Avatar Parts
    • Can Delete Admin-Defined Avatar Parts
    • Can Edit Admin-Defined Categories
    • Can Delete Admin-Defined Categories
    • Can Edit Admin-Defined Layers
    • Can Delete Admin-Defined Layers
    • Can Edit Own Avatar Parts
    • Can Delete Own Avatar Parts
    • Can Edit Own Categories
    • Can Delete Own Categories
    • Can Edit Own Layers
    • Can Delete Own Layers
    • Can Edit Others' Avatar Parts
    • Can Delete Others' Avatar Parts
    • Can Edit Others' Categories
    • Can Delete Others' Categories
    • Can Edit Others' Layers
    • Can Delete Others' Layers

General / Other
  • Mass Delete tick boxes for all applicable ACP and front-end management pages
  • Button for deleting the current avatar configuration
  • New display option for the avatars in postbit; Thread Rating-like hover


  • Avatar Parts in the shop can now have limited stock (defaults to unlimited)
  • Stock automatically refill every X days via a scheduled task

Avatar Styles
  • Configure usergroup permissions for who can access the various Avatar Styles

AdminCP Inventory
  • Powerful inventory manager for the AdminCP
  • Ability to grant a new item to a user
  • Search for existing users' items and remove them
  • Search for specific user or all users
  • Search for specific item or all items
  • Control number of items per page
  • Control sort order

General / Other
  • Mass Add Points
  • Add new layers for avatar parts
  • Change the order in which avatar parts are applied to the final avatar image
  • Ability to change points source to integrate with mods like vBCredits
Copyright Info / Branding
This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of all pages which includes:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
  • 1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting (Lite Version only)

Available Licences

vBAvatars - 3 Months
Receives Updates For: 3 Months
vBAvatars - 1 Years
Receives Updates For: 1 Years
vBAvatars - Lifetime
Receives Updates For: Lifetime
Products may be used after the licence expires, but will no longer receive updates unless designated as Lifetime.
If you renew your licence early, we'll extend it from its current expiry date. Otherwise, we'll extend it from the current date.
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