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vBAnalytics provides detailed and customized analytics from traffic including bounce rates, landings, pageviews, visits and many more customized just for vBulletin! Think Google Analytics but made for vBulletin!

If you ever wanted Google Analytics to provide more attention to your forum specific aspects than this is a must have for you. It provides statistics specifically requested from experienced board owners and displays them in an friendly and knowledgeable manner. Allowing even the most novice of board owners to know exactly what his users like and dislike in his community.
Pricing Info
3 Months: US $24.95 / £17.45 / €24.95
1 Years: US $37.5 / £24.95 / €37.45
Lifetime: US $54.95 / £37.45 / €52.45
Version Info
Current Version: v1.2.0pl1
Release Date: 16th March 2015
Forum Version: vBulletin 4.x.x
Change Log
Feature List
Major Features
Automatically Track Analytics: Automatically track forum analytics. Daily or hourly scheduled tasks ensure data integrity and consistency without any involvement from you.

Flexible & Comprehensive: From forums, threads, members, registrations, searches and overall analytics tracking, vBAnalytics is the most comprehensive analytics add-on for vBulletin. Allowing you to specify what exactly you want to track and how the tracked data displays to you.

Comparing Data: Allows you to compare different data from different time periods to easily compare via graph and aggregated results.

Real-time Stats: You can see the exact analytics of your forum in real-time without having to wait like you would in other Analytics systems.

Conversions: Monitor new registrations to see how your site appeals to new users. Track register bounce rates, pageviews & time before and after members register to your site!

  • Daily analytics tracking for:
    • Entire forum
      • Visits
      • Bounces
      • Pageviews
      • Pages/Visit
      • Total Time on Site
      • Average Time on Site
      • Referrals
    • Forums
      • Replies
      • Threads
      • Visits
      • Bounces
      • Landings
      • Pageviews
      • Pages/Visit
      • Referrals
    • Pages (this_script)
      • Visits
      • Bounces
      • Landings
      • Pageviews
      • Pages/Visit
      • Referrals
    • Registrations
      • Registrations
      • Activated Accounts
      • Bounces
      • Pageviews before and after registering
      • Posts
      • Time on site before and in the process of registering
      • Average time on site before and in the process of registering
    • Admin Defined Threads
      • Visits
      • Bounces
      • Landings
      • Pageviews
      • Pages/Visit
      • Referrals
      • Posts
      • Posts/Day
    • Admin Defined Members
      • Visits and the areas they were made in.
      • Bounces and the areas they were made in.
      • Pageviews and the areas they were made in.
      • Posts and the forums they were made in.
      • Threads and the forums they were made in.
      • Pages/Visit
      • Total Time on site.
      • Average Time on site.
    • Analytics for Searches
      • Amount of Searches
  • Detailed graph shows timeline of analytics.
  • Choose the metric you wish to compare in the timeline.
  • Shows aggregated results of all metrics below graph.
  • Compare two different time periods and/or page/forum/search/thread.
  • Ajax-enabled browsers can compare and view analytics without page refresh.
  • Google Analytics-esque page design to improve user expierence.

  • Analytics Administration
    • Statistics Page shows analytic stats of today in real-time
      • Most Active Pages/Forums/Threads
      • Least Active Pages/Forums/Threads
    • Maintenance page to update the date of the first post in each forum and the total thread views for each forum.
    • Analytics Searching shows analytics stats of today in real-time for:
      • Forums
      • Threads
      • Pages
      • Searches
      • Sessions
    • Settings
      • Enable Modification
      • Enable Navbar Tab
      • Forum Integration
      • Default Overview - Number of days in the past to show for default in the analytics viewer.
      • Google Analytics template integration.
      • Enable hourly tracking instead of daily tracking. (Pro)
      • Threads to Track Over Time
      • Users to Track Over Time
      • Update Forum Total Views
      • Option to prune sessions older than x days.
  • Per Usergroup
    • Can view vBAnalytics

Pro-only Features:
  • Front-end
    • In-depth Conversions (New Registrations) tracking.
    • Average Time on Site.
    • Analytics for Searches.
  • Analytics Administration
    • Option for hourly tracking.
    • Scripts to Exclude
    • Forums to Exclude
Copyright Info / Branding
This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of pages generated by this mod which includes:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
  • 1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting (Lite Version only)

Available Licences

vBAnalytics - 3 Months
Receives Updates For: 3 Months
vBAnalytics - 1 Years
Receives Updates For: 1 Years
vBAnalytics - Lifetime
Receives Updates For: Lifetime
Products may be used after the licence expires, but will no longer receive updates unless designated as Lifetime.
If you renew your licence early, we'll extend it from its current expiry date. Otherwise, we'll extend it from the current date.
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