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Thread: Feature Requests & Bug Reports

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    Thumbs up Feature Requests & Bug Reports

    When you have a feature request, or a bug report they should be all asked in separate threads, when possible. Also try to be as specific as you can to help expedite the service from staff.

    After you post a feature request or bug report, please do not edit the post other than to correct spelling, the reason for this is if a staff member is already investigating the issue, and you change the post content to something else, it may get overlooked as staff do not go back and check for edited posts all the time. They try to as much as they can but it takes up time to do this that can be spent on fixing issues

    The Software DBTech uses to track feature requests and bug reports send a notice to the staff and the developer of the mod and then it is answered accordingly. They also use this report system to review when developing product updates. If you want to see how this looks check it out here: http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/vbsupport.php

    A feature request may be tagged by staff in the following ways:

    [Accepted] Means the feature is accepted for development.

    [Under Consideration] Means the feature will be considered for a future update, and that means it may not make it into the next update, so if a update comes out without the feature don't get upset.

    [Rejected] Means the feature will not be added for any number of reasons.

    A bug report may be tagged by staff in the following ways:

    [Fixed] Means it is solved and follow any instructions in the thread.

    [Not a Bug] Means it is not a bug the thread may contain information on how to solve your issue or it may not.
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    I no longer work for DBTech and cannot offer official help with any questions or problems, please contact a member of the DBTech team for information on products and support. Any support I may give is unofficial.

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