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Thread: [BUG] Sub Forums Desapear on Vb 3.8

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    Thumbs up [BUG] Sub Forums Desapear on Vb 3.8

    Hi there !

    I instaled in a test board Vbslider 2.0.0 latest in vbulletin 3.8.7 And after installing i noticed that All My Subforums Disapear.

    I Disabled the Plugins hooks one by one and i noticed that is the "Parse Templates" plugin that is causing this problem.

    Just for the kicks I instaled Vbslider Older version 1.07 / and it works OK "works just in frontpage" not afecting subforums display and in latest 2.0.0 in vb3.8.7 does not ! .

    ( I think is Because in vbslider 1.0.7 we dont have the hook in templates option as newest 2.00 does )

    I gone further and tested some things and realized that even in 1.07 whenever i try to make the hook myself changing plugin "Slider on Forumhome" changing it from "forumhome_start" to "global_start" and there we go: EVen on version 1.07 it happens the same and subforuns do not display...

    SO i think there is a problem with Global variables conflicting with Subforum Display variables somewhere ...



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    The Website URL: you put in the issue list actually is another users site, could you provide the correct site that the mod is installed on.

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