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Thread: Make TT pro Available as LITE

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    Default Make TT pro Available as LITE

    I've seen a few people still interested in TT but for whatever reasons DB-Tech cannot sell it at the moment, my suggestion is since development on it is minimal and the origianl designer isn't around anymore then why not release the pro version as a freebie to DB-Tech customers/ joe public as a way to get yourself more people to check out DB-Tech and generate interest in your other mods (IE Activity).

    Use TT Pro as a flagship to show off just a small portion of what the rest of DB-Tech products can do, since its pretty much sorted and nothing new needs to be added unless you guys want to, i think it would make sense to release it as a free mod so people can enjoy it who want to. Plus since it has vBActivity intergration, i'm sure people will be looking to buy that to compliment it.

    Just my two cents.
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    Thanks @Neo_Angelo We recently installed the mod on our site, and it's earned a lot of very positive reviews. You can see them in the topic here - Online Triple Triad Trading Card System (Final Fantasy) Installed!

    The TT mod was one of the (several awesome mods that you have) mods that got us to pay attention to the mods on this site in the first place, and we're currently looking at potential purchases. Having the pro version of it available would be something we'd be very appreciative over.

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