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DragonByte SEO for vBulletin v3 & v4 Open Beta, Classifieds Open Beta 12 Released

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Hello Dragons!

This week, we're launching the Open Beta of DragonByte SEO with Beta 7, DragonByte Classifieds Beta 12 (Open Beta) as well as bugfix updates for DragonByte Reviews and Thread Ratings.



The big news this week is that DragonByte SEO is now available for purchase! For one week only, it is available with a 33% discount if you use the coupon code Cyber.

This concludes the highly successful Closed Beta period, where our dedicated team of testers provided invaluable feedback and allowed us to release such a highly polished product.

DragonByte SEO now has feature parity with vBSEO and its Sitemap add-on. All vBSEO features we intend to support are now implemented - the features we'll be adding in future versions will be brand new.

Not only that, but DragonByte SEO is also now compatible with vBulletin 3.x. With all the great features of the vB4 version, DragonByte SEO for vB3 is the perfect solution for SEO on vBulletin 3.x.

DragonByte SEO is the definitive "set-and-forget" SEO solution for your vBulletin 3.8 or 4.x forum. With powerful URL rewrite rules, your forum's content will not only be easier for search engines to crawl via the elimination of duplicate content, your content URLs will also be more descriptive for your users.

If you are a current vBSEO user who wishes to upgrade to DragonByte SEO, we have a powerful importer that can carry over all your settings for the DBSEO equivalent features, ensuring the transition is completely painless.

DragonByte SEO is made with the future in mind, and the first step of our commitment to keeping this SEO solution up to date is the support for Google Analytics' new "Universal Analytics" format. If you've switched your profile over, DBSEO will let you use Google's new recommended tracking code by simply turning on a setting.

The Sitemap features in DBSEO make vast improvements to both the vB4 Sitemap Builder and any other sitemap generators, by combining the power of the vB4 Sitemap Builder with multiple new content types that ensures the sitemap covers more of your site.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use solution to boost your search engine performance or gain control over how the URLs on your site should be structured, look no further than DragonByte SEO.

We plan to improve the mod over the coming weeks & months, with features like URL Rewrite History that lets you change URL structure without losing ranking and Content-Aware Titles which will generate SEO titles based on keywords found in the content.


DragonByte SEO v1.0.0 Beta 7 (Open Beta) has been released. This version contains new logging options for spider hits on your forum, with both visits and sitemap hits. The logs are browseable in the DBSEO Control Panel, and you have the option of choosing how many days the logs are retained for.

Additionally, we've made changes to the cache system in DBSEO by allowing you to purge the cache on demand, and the cache is now also purged automatically when you make changes to any of the settings in the DBSEO Control Panel.

Over half a dozen bugs have also been fixed.

DragonByte Classifieds v1.0.0 Beta 12 (Open Beta) has been released. This release features support for multiple manual payment options such as Cash on Collection, Cheque and Bank Transfer. Additionally, this release contains over a dozen changes and bugfixes based on feedback from our testers.

DragonByte Reviews v1.0.5 has been released, fixing a bug in which a review in a hidden category would still be visible.

Thread Ratings v2.0.6 has been released, fixing a parse error if ratings were disabled.


DragonByte SEO v1.0.0 Beta 7 (Closed Beta) has been released, with bugfixes and new features. Read the full release notes here.

DragonByte Classifieds v1.0.0 Beta 12 (Open Beta) has been released, with bugfixes, new features and changes. Read the full details here.

DragonByte Reviews v1.0.5 has been released, a bugfix release. here.

Thread Ratings v2.0.6 has been released, a bugfix release. here.

Special Offers

This week's special offer is a week-long Cyber Monday with 33% off DragonByte SEO and DragonByte Classifieds in celebration of DBSEO joining Classifieds in Open Beta status! Simply enter the coupon code Cyber during checkout to receive your discount.
Offer expires Midnight GMT Monday 9th December

What's Going On

@Belazor is working on making DragonByte SEO ready for Gold
@Dylan is working on a secret project.
@bszopi is on a general leave of absence
@Mokonzi is working on making DragonByte Classifieds ready for Gold
@the-danzor is working on vB5 skins

Coming Soon

DragonByte SEO Gold in the coming weeks
Classifieds Gold in the coming weeks
Secret project in the next few months
More Focus Group Surveys & Prizes
Several more vB5 Ports in the coming months

Belazor's Corner

I'm so thrilled to finally have the Open Beta of DragonByte SEO released! The response to the beta period has been overwhelming, and our beta testers have been nothing short of excellent. The amount of feedback we've received has helped make this product much more stable than it otherwise would have been, and I can't thank our testers enough for their help.

We hope that the new sites & server configurations that'll be installing DBSEO benefit from the time our testers spent reporting issues, ensuring a smooth and stable launch that can reach Gold status quicker.

In unrelated news, the team has been playing a bit of Battlefield 4 over the past week (as well as playing with our new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles). The game is a major step up from BF3, not only graphically but also in the way the unlocks work. More guns are now cross-class, meaning that if you want to try out a new class you don't necessarily start from square one.

Taking out a moving helicopter with anti-vehicle tank shells is always an incredibly satisfying experience, getting shot repeatedly by people vastly better than me at the game...not so much
Even this close to the game's launch there's still people over level 100 - it's no wonder they keep killing me, for how does one kill that which has no life!?

We also got the one and only @Trekkan to join one of our matches - originally, he snuck in without telling any of us and ended up on the opposing team, even shooting Decado in the face at one point.
We promptly decided we'd had enough of that nonsense, so we invited him into our voice comms channel and decided to put our differences aside and join the same team.
A few maps later and he got called away by his woman - who as I'm told is actually better than him at the game - as did Dylan by his horde of tiny zombies, proving once again that brethren do not always come before wenches.

If you own Battlefield 4 for the PC and want to join us for some light-hearted macho violence, add DylanCND, Belazor and Decadoice to your Origin friends list

Thanks for reading,

Iain & The DBTech Team
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  1. Trekkan's Avatar
    Was good fun! I'll be playing BF4 with you guys again for sure! =)
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  2. tavenger5's Avatar
    so now that DBSEO is on track with vbSEO, what is planned to be added to future versions?
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