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  1. More Writing and Things

    It's been a few weeks since my last blog, so taking a few minutes to write up what's been happening lately.

    We've got one or two more manuals sorted now, including an update to vBActivity completed, and one on the cards to do (AJAX Threads). Additionally I've been working on the Advanced Post Thanks / Like manual which is completed... and should be appearing soon in the documentation forum (nudge @Belazor). I'm also part way through writing the manual for Dylan's ...
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  2. Latest Documentation Updates

    It's a while since I posted what I'd been up to... and I've been busy... behind the scenes...

    I've just completed the documentation for vBArcade, and AJAX Threads, as well as vBShop, which I completed a few weeks back. The vBArcade manual may get some slight tweaks to it as it gets ready for the Gold release.

    I've also made slight updates to all the existing documentation I've completed which has been updated.

    The vBCredits manual is largely ready, but ...
  3. Writing for DBTech

    I thought I'd take a few minutes to put together a blog relating to the work on the manuals that I've been doing for DBTech, to give you a chance to understand how the development process works, and give you a bit of background about myself...

    First of all, Hi, and welcome to my blog. My username is Mokonzi, but my real name is Matt. I've been a user of DBTech's products for a while now, and have been running my own vBulletin forum for several years, initially using SMF, then phpBB2 ...